Saturday, February 13, 2010

chesse.....to much cheese:

Oh the lengths that I will go to for a ticket to WPPI. But you have to admit that my pup pup isn't the ugliest...cutest thing you've ever seen!

Oh and sorry about the noise, I'm not a pro at this yet!

Scootsac and WPPI from Jessica Ashley on Vimeo.


Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen said...

Jessica, I just saw this video on FB. You are so cute!!! What the heck you took your hair dryer and you dog out of your shootsac? lolololo I'm cracking my pants now. Loved your video and your pictures are great : ) Hope you get the FREE pass.

Amy Gibbons said...

That was great!! Your dog is adorable!!

jessica ashley said...

Thanks guys....keep your fingers crossed for me!! Amy thanks most people say my dogs ugly, but to me she's so ugly she's cute!

Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen said...

Jessica, Congrats!!!! You got your FREE pass to the WPPI and so did I. Hope to see you there.

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