Wednesday, February 10, 2010

whitney tompson:

v-blog 2-12 from Jessica Ashley on Vimeo.

You've been asking, you've been waiting, you've wanted it so here they are...

America's next top model cycle 10 winner Whitney Tompson in all here beautiful glory.


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous photos Jessica, as always! I wish you could have been my wedding photographer!

www.sweet-sensations.com said...

Beautiful!!! And, Whitney rocked them!

Tracey O'Brien said...

These are --by far--the most gorgeous wedding photos I have seen anywhere ....blogs, mags, anything---simply amazing, Jess. You've blown me away. Again. <3

Leeann Marie said...

So pretty! I love experiencing all of our different processing styles from the same shoot!

Scarlett Lillian said...

LOVE the pics and love seeing you video blog! :-)

Magan said...

Your photos are BEAUTIFUL... I am blown away that she is considered a plus size model. She's gorgeous and you did a wonderful job capturing these photos!

Dixie said...

Hi Jessica, I wasnt able to attend the workshop due to my son having an event, but I was there in spirit!
I love your photography and look forward to getting to meet yoou sometime in the future!
I wanted to say I love love love your images ofWhitney and was curious if you could tell me what action of fx did you do to the third photo?? I love that!!!!!'
Im so jealous, but my sons event colided the same day!
Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Katrina Wheeler said...

These are really awesome! Love the new video blogs, really cute! :)

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