Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reading for inspiration:

If you know me well you know that I read voraciously, so much so that in high school I worked in a bookstore just to get the discount.
Yes I know we do have things we call libraries, but there is nothing more fulfilling than having a book on hand. Now that I am a responsible adult and run two businesses I limit my reading, I try to stay away from book clubs and bookstores opting for yes the library. I feel that reading gives me inspiration and helps me to think beyond myself. One of my favorite books is The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson her poetry is so delicate but solid at the same time, I just love the way her verses flow.
So as I hit full swing into wedding season I will be translating verse into image…I hope…lol…

P.S. Don’t laugh at my bookmark. I have like fifteen bits of old newspaper tucked into this book marking all of my favs, I guess I should invest in some actual bookmarks.

She hideth Her the last-
And is the first, to rise-
Her Night doth hardly recompense
The Closing of Her eyes-

She doth Her Purple Work-
And putteth Her away
In low Apartments in the Sod-
As Worthily as We.

To imitate Her life
As impotent would be
As make of Our imperfect Mints,
The Julep-of the Bee-

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