Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls Night/So Wrong Song Wednesday: Sorry it has taken me so long to post girls :)

We recently had a great girls night/B-day/goodbye Jaime party….is it really a party if people cry?

I was the official photographer until Joy’s hubby came and took the hilarious photos of us, I love the one of Tiffin totally blinded! It was a great night and somehow I feel like it wont be the same without Jaime’s laughter…anyway before I make myself cry, it was awesome we had great food, good friends and a fun movie. I was so excited when I saw that we had a great 80’s movie can’t buy me love staring Mcdreamy and as a special bonus it also stared Gerardo Mejia aka: Rico Suave
If you don't remember who he is you soon will!
That’s right as a tribute to 80’s cheese the so wrong Wednesday song is drum roll please……. you guessed it the Suave himself so enjoy the cheese….I know I will.


linwood avenue said...

yeah jess! i love it. we need to start planning the next one.

linwood avenue said...

yeah jess! i love it. i so want tge photo of us in the circle for my wall. we need to start planning the next night. footloose anyone?

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