Sunday, January 24, 2010

a moment:

In life you have those moments that you never want to forget the days that you know how much you can love and how much you are loved, the moments that you wait for all your life...the ones that stick with you, that make life lovely.
Yesterday was on of those days for me.

Tiffin, Jesse, Kim and I threw a baby shower for our good friend Joy and it was so much fun. The month of planing and focusing on theme, color cupcakes and diaper cake all ended in one fantastic party.

Joy's face as she looked at all the hard work we had all put in was great...it's almost like she couldn't believe her eyes.
Kim and Jesse's yummy chicken salad and pasta made the party as did Tiffin amazing cheese straws!
Joy was surrounded by all of her loving friends and received some of the most beautiful gifts, they all suited her to a T.

For me it was a little more than a baby shower, it was one more step to Joy and Kenon fulfillment of a dream...the dream of having a family.

Words can not express how happy, excited and joyous I am about their new baby boy.

I know that his life will be blessed with love....congratulations.

sorry about all the images of my cupcakes, I was just so proud because not only did they look cute but tasted good too. What a bonus!


Ronnie said...

What a beautiful job you all did.
Lucky Joy! This is worthy of a magazine spread!

Leigh said...


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