Friday, January 15, 2010

friendship is like milk glass:

I don't express myself well in written word that's why I'm a painter and not a poet...but let me try.

I have always had a love for milk glass, in my 20's I collected a lot of it and displayed it proudly in my apartments until I started a job at a local college. This job was sweet! They provide my housing, utilities a nice parking space. As amazing as this job was it had one huge draw back the housing was small, to small for all my beautiful glass, antique furniture and amazing modern cream sofas. So I decide it had to go, all of it.

Five years later I became friends with some amazing people to my utter shock I have found two other people on the planet craved milk glass too!
As we have bonded over life, love, children, art and vintage anything I realized how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.

Today as we shopped for treasures I begun to think that just like milk glass my friends are simply lovely, elegant and just wonderful.

It's just a bonus that as our friendship grows so does my collection of milk glass.


linwood avenue said...

i feel the same way! and thankfully we all have enough milk glass that we don't have to fight over pieces - unless it is fenton ;)

joyajewelry said...

What a sweet post!! There are no other gals I would rather bond over milk glass with than ya'll!! We are kind of like super heroes that save it from smelly second hand shops:) You know which one I am talking about:)

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