Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my dream studio:

I am finally at the stage of decorating my studio so for five months I have been scouring design books, magazines, internet and blogs for inspiration. I think I have finally decided on a style...maybe.
Well to be honest I haven't come to a decision at all.

Looking at tons of designs I begun to have a little studio envy. Don't get me wrong my studio space is large, great and beautiful, but I long for a light filled cottage. Maybe asking for a stone bridge, charming thatched cottage set in the woods is a little much to ask. YA THINK!?!? A girl can dream and being a painter fuels the delusion that I live in a European village. It comes down to I can't have a cottage in the woods, because I live in the burbs..but I have an awesome space so I should make the most of it.
So how do I fuse my love of modern with a want for dreamy cottage?

I'm not sure but I'll keep you posted on how it goes and show you some images when it's done.

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