Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a great all be it hectic time for Easter you see when you have a child and live close to both in-laws as well as a sisters birthday on top of it all it’s a sprint from one place to another.
This year was less of a sprint and more of a full out run.
We spent time at my mom and dads had some yummy lunch, and egg hunt and spent time hanging out on the lawn with all of our animals. I would tell you names and how many but at this point we have stopped counting. Then we ran to my hubby’s mom and dads for a birthday dinner for our sister Gina made by her hubby Josh who I am happy to say is back from his second tour in Iraq then on to a quick Easter egg hunt and in for gifts. At that point I was exhausted, you can only survive so long on marshmallow peeps and deviled eggs… so now it’s been a week of sugar withdraws.

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