Tuesday, February 3, 2009

paying my dues:

As with anything that your passionate about you have to work hard, do things you don’t like, put lots of time and effort in to it and learn in the process. In my fifteen years as a photographer I have worked hard, long hours sometimes seeing the perfect image in my lens only to have the moment fade in an instant.

My years as a professional fine artist gained me much in the way of learning to deal with showings, galleries, and buyers but it’s my year in the trenches of portrait and wedding photography that have gained me the most insight and technical experience.
You know most of what I learned, I learned in the trenches; there’s something to be said about jumping in headfirst.
Looking back I don’t think I would have done it any other way. The Lord leads you in a direction and no matter how much you dislike it or second-guess, you just have to pay your dues.

Thank you to all my clients who trust me and my vision…I know it’s hard to understand what an artiest sees so thank you, I have gained so much and been so blessed to have all of you in my life. So why am I writing this? Well it’s because of the amazing emails that I’ve been getting from all of my wonderful clients and here is one I would like to share.

Hi Jessica,
We are so exited about the photos. They are a perfect representation of our special day. The bridal pictures were also great. I'd forgotten how much fun we had that day. My family and friends can't stop talking about you and the pictures. You have an amazing talent for capturing these special moments! By the way, you are now an honorary member of our family Thank you and Jodie so much for all the hard work. I forwarded the link to your blog to friends/relatives and I received so much praise to you that I wanted to share some of the responses....

"These pictures are just absolutely beautiful! "

"AMAZING pics...you were beautiful!!! My favorite was the one of you and Matt in front of the red door!"

"The photo's and work of your photographer is unbelievable!! We've never seen anything so great!"

"She did an amazing job! All of the pictures are so beautiful. What wonderful memories you captured!"

"...they are just as beautiful as your wedding was! You're gonna go broke--you have to buy them all! "

"Your wedding pictures are wonderful. I really enjoyed the few of you two alone in the church."

"LOVE the pictures...she did such a great job captivating you and your emotions..."

"the pictures are so beautiful!"

"Wow, Mitzi! What can I say! The photos and the slide show are stunning! I had tears - so, so beautiful!"

"I bawled my eyes out - those are the most awesome pics I have ever seen. She captured it perfectly. "

Also, I LOVE the new website....It's looks great! Good luck to you and I'll talk to you soon...Mitzi

Following is from another friend's email response...I think it's the best yet so add it to the others.... "I have seen a plethora of wedding photos and videos, but your pictures and videos are the best I have ever seen! Jessica Ashley's work is amazing."

Thank you -Mitzi

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