Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whitney + Alex

This Saturday was very cold but beautiful!! Whitney and Alex had the most gorgeous day for there wedding. Blue was there color and the sky was an amazing clear blue for all of their photos. They had an amazing reception with the best dessert bar I have ever seen, sooo yummy!
Thanks guys, I had a great time with all of you.


Anonymous said...


Wow! You are outstanding. We can't wait to show these to the families. I especially love how you caught Papa with the cake! The temple shots are so beautiful, thanks for sharing your talents with us. Love Larry and Elizabeth Jones.

The Schaefer's said...

Your blog is AMAZING! You have an incredible eye. Great job.
Jen Schaefer

Whit Jones said...

Love them! Can;t wait to see the others too!

Jenkinson Family said...

Wow Jessica, those pics are so pretty. I love the dress and suit on the wall. They are all gorgeous. Shay Jenkinson

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