Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not knowing your limitations:

In high school my friends mother worked with physically and mentally challenged children. I always went by to say hello to Mrs. T and was soon introduced to; we’ll just call him Jon. At the age of twelve Jon was hit by a semi truck and suffered mental and physically impairment, leaving him with little speech and restricted movement.

One thing that was not impaired was his love of people, most of all cute girls. He always blushed and said hello in his own way as I entered the room. One day Mrs. T came to my English class and asked to see me, we went from room to room grabbing all the "regulars" that would come and say hi. She brought us all to her room and said Jon has something to show you.
I remember that moment clearly because it changed my life forever.

Jon had crutches attached to his arms and stood up from his wheelchair and with help, that day he took three very small steps.

You see, as I looked at Jon I could see his mental and physical limitations; but Jon could not. He was completely unaware that the doctors said that he would never walk again; in his mind he could do anything.

Tonight I was reminded of this story and just as the tears streamed down my face when he took those small steps, they do now. So many times we limit ourselves by what we think we can't do.

It is only when we don’t limit ourselves that our small steps become giant leaps.

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