Thursday, November 27, 2008


With it being thanksgiving I was thinking about all of the big things that I am thankful for, then I began to think what are the small things that I am thankful for?

So for you guys here is a list of the small things in life that I am grateful for:

1:The way my daughter laughs when she knows she’s in trouble; it’s the sweetest little nervous laugh, because she knows if she gets me to laugh she’s off the hook.

2: My husbands’ kind nature, when he comes home late he always calls to see if I want him to pick up food.

3: The way my cat comes in and puts her noise in my face every morning at 6:00 sharp to be sure she gets breakfast.

4: The way my dog looks at me when I eat a sandwich; as if she has never had food in her life.

5: That God has blessed me with the most amazing family, friends and job in the world. I love my family, my friends and the couples, children and families that I get to meet each day.

I am grateful everyday; but today I get to tell you all how much!

I wish you all a very happy and thankful thanksgiving.

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