Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trash the dress no we demolished the dress, only kidding no dress was harmed in the taking of these images. Hard to believe but the dress is ok no really it is, just a good cleaning is all it needed. We went to sweet water creek to take a few more shots of Meagan but this time in the water! It was so much fun Jessica Lee and Kevin where the best assistance ever!!! The whole shoot I was thinking painting Alice in wonderland ok yeah I know that’s a little weird but I think I accomplished what I set out to create. That beautiful but out of place look of Alice in wonderland but the elegance of a painting, yeah I think we got it.
On the hike out according to my husband the “snake expert” a copper head crossed the path right in front of us, it was so cool don’t worry I got plenty of pictures. Don’t forget to check out the slide show of Meagan she is amazing!
Thanks so much Meagan for being such a good sport and enjoy your slide show.

Meagan's Slide Show

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