Friday, August 15, 2008

Elfin ears and broken toes

Alison and I ventured to line creek for a few hours of fun senior portraits. As we were walking down I begun to ask her about herself, as the conversation progressed she mentioned, “I should have brought my elf ears”.
That is the first time I had ever heard that one, low and behold on the second outfit change she found then in her back pocket. Was I set up, I have my suspicions but needless to say she had no idea I would be more than up for elf ears. As the elf ears went on the jacket came off with the announcement that “elves don’t wear jackets” I couldn’t help but laugh because up until that day I was not aware of this very important fact and I don’t think the Keebler elves got the memo either.
Elves by definition are mischievous creatures so I can’t help but to think that they had something to do with my little misstep that resulted in a broken toe.
We did loads of fun shots with the ears and without Alison has such a great personality and was so much fun working with her!

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Alison said...

Ernie Keebler should really be on What Not to Wear. That red-yellow-green getup he's always wearing is just horrid.

He must have been the one who put that rock there. I could swear I saw him and his little cronies in the corner of my eye. Though it may have been the Snap, Crackle, 'n' Pop brothers up to no good.

I'm sorry you broke your toe, though. You sure handled it well.

The pictures turned out great. I love the lighting in them. Mom didn't take too kindly to the elf ears, but I knew she wouldn't. Buahaha!

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