Sunday, July 29, 2007

My small getaway….. 7.18.07

The fam and I snuck away for a mini vacation to West Jefferson North Carolina.

What a great little place we stayed at a friends mountain house that has it’s own dam and power plant how amazing!!!! It was only for two days but things have been so crazy in a great way,
but I needed a little break.

We walked in the river and watched some guys fish and were introduced to some cows up close and personal, we even went four wheeling to the top of a mountain, well in GA we call any small hill a mountain (that’s for all my friends in Utah) oh you know I loved it, anything with wheels! We road to the top of a mountain and walked thru an old cemetery, thru a pine forest as we went down, thru a field of daises and a great stream. The stream is where I managed to pull the four wheeler up on two wheels Luke said “I wish I had a camera, the look on your face was so funny” he is referring to my tom boy oh yea I did it face.

It was great hard to leave but nice to come home and back to work :)

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