Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jennifer and Mathew 7.30.07

Today I visited Vecoma for the first time you may be wondering because it was my first time there did I get lost. Well lets just say that map quest and I must not be on the same map! But luckily Jennifer’s father was gracious enough to guide me in so being a little early is never a bad thing. I have a rule of thumb if I have never been to a venue I always leave an hour early this is because map quest always lets me down! Oh well.
When I arrived it had just rained and there were clouds of steam rising off of the pavement I made for a steamy shoot but it gave us as Jennifer’s father said ambiance.

Both Jennifer and Mathew were great, I had not seen them in very long time so it was like getting to know them all over again. I am looking forward to capturing every great moment of their wedding.

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