Monday, September 13, 2010


THE WORKSHOP was so exciting, it's amazing to reach out and give back! I came away from this experience learning a lot about other and about myself.

We had a ton to cover in a very short amount of time but somehow we did it. I'm so excited to show you a few images. Thank you to each and every one who attended I know your going to go out and live your dreams!

A big thank to our models Paul and Elisha Sewell, Elisha was also designer of our beautiful custom made dress.

Lots of love to our sponsors, you guys provided us some awesome products. Thank for believing in us!

Showit Sites
Totally Rad Actions
Expo Imaging
MCP Action
Elisha Sewell

For all our attendees thank you, thank you for giving me your time,
thank you for your trust, I know you will succeed!!

Julie www.wink-photo.com
Carrie www.khakiaraki.blogspot.com
Lori www.bluemoon-photos.com
Amy M. www.eramee.com
Erika also with eramee
Jessica www.photosbyjessicalynn.com
Amy H.

Last but not least thank you Catherine for sharing this adventure with me!

Our winners of the amazing gifts from Collages.net!!
L-R Tiffany, Amy H., Paige, Melissa and Rebecca.

Julie of www.wink-photo.com was our big prize winner, winning 5 years of free hosting with show it sites....gota love that!!

This weekend was amazing, meeting new photographers, helping them learn and grow...WOW!

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linwood avenue said...

looks like you had such a great time. i'm so proud of all you accomplished!!!

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