Friday, July 2, 2010

lifestyle: the scarbrough family

I have worked with them for a few years now and The Scarbrough family is an amazing family. They have started a non profit organization called Maggies hope named after their youngest daughter. I am blessed to capture these family moments for them and admire the strength and love this family has. Thanks so much guys it was great seeing you again!


The Mission

The number of children diagnosed with autism is climbing at epidemic levels. As those numbers climb, more research is being done to find out why so maybe one day we have a cure. Until then, there are countless families out there struggling as bills begin to mount and they need help NOW.

That’s where Maggie’s Hope comes in. Our mission is to reach out to those families and help them fund the un-funded co-pays, alternative treatments and access to special dietary solutions. These children need support TODAY.

We don’t have time to wait. Families need help now. Your donation will go into a fund that families in need can apply for on a case by case basis.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jessica, you really know how to capture our family!


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