Tuesday, March 2, 2010

it's time:

That's right it's time again for my very merry unbirthday. Why am I referring to it as an unbirthday you ask, well I'm a leap year baby and I haven't had a birthday in quite awhile. That's right in 2012 I actually get to celebrate the big day, until then I have 2 days of happy birthdays from people who are just not sure when my birthday is.
I always say it's sometime between 12:59pm and 1:00am Feb 28th.

All kidding aside the end of Jan. beginning of March is a huge month for us, we have a total of SEVEN birthdays and one anniversary. Yes eight events in all, to eliminate some of the stress mom came up with an ingenious plain.
A mass birthaversary, well that's what I'm calling it.
This weekend we are having a huge celebration for everyone, a little impersonal...maybe but practical yes!

As my "birthdays" go Sunday and Monday were great, my kiddo made cake, hubbies made lunch and the in-laws dinner. That combined with tons of happy birthday wishes I couldn't ask for more.

Thanks you so much guys you made this year a very merry unbirthday!

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sarah bray said...

Awww, I'm sorry I missed it Jessica! Happy belated "unbirthday"!

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