Tuesday, March 9, 2010

day one; fight or flight:

Rushing to the airport in full sprint, all I can hear is the sound of my flats hitting the tile floor in a securitized click, clack only to reach the gate and before me lay a sea of people. I swam my way threw to wrestle a women for the most uncomfortable chair, but non the less a chair.

Just as I was tucked in I hear a loud Jessica Ashley from across the gate…was it now, is it happening , is this is my rock star moment, and in a way it was Abra Morris of Abra Morris Photography comments on my blog and recognized me, boy did I feel special.

After that high I suddenly felt the low, as the flight filled I knew that when it came down to it I was not making this flight, so it was time to run…run to the counter and get posted on the next flight. Dodging, ducking, and a good tuck and roll and I was on the next flight.
As soon as I hit the Las Vegas airport I had the opportunity to meet three cute, sweet, talented ladies, Evie, Kelly and Lora who took this awesome images of me.

So here I am with bells on, I have been learning all week and have loads to share but right now I have another awesome class waiting.

Some love for the gals below: sorry I don’t have time for HTML ☺



lora said...

Hey girl! Such a cute picture. It was awesome meeting you and running into you all throughout WPPI. I would love to hang out sometime before I move to Dallas.

Evelyn Perez said...

Loves tha picture!!! It was nice to bump into you at the airport. Hopefully, we can meet again.

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