Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my crazy fun weekend:

V-blog 19.10 from Jessica Ashley on Vimeo.

Forgive how tired or dorky I look, but it's only my third ever video blog and It's still hard to watch myself...really hard!

I also forgot to mention that have some goodies I won to tell you about and a few other things that are coming! I'll post more images from Scarlett's workshop soon but the beach, shooting, great models and good pizza you can't beat it!

Don't forget to give me a little love and check out the great friends that I made...pink,pink,pink

lol...I'm so dorky!



Amy Gibbons said...

Awww...thanks for the shoutout! It was so fun hanging out with you! I love your video...you're so natural at it...I'd look like a complete dork doing it! LOL

jessica ashley said...

And I don't....your too sweet!!

Vu Bui said...

Hello, videoblogger!

SO great to see you doing this, and thanks for the shout out!

fyi... the dorkiness works...

Lan Bui (of The Bui Brothers) said...

Fun fun fun!

Lydia Shannon said...

Jessica... I love the sound effect as you are pointing! So awesome. The camera loves you!!!

Stephen Knuth said...

Fun!!!!! :-)

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