Monday, October 5, 2009

everyone is asking!!

My trip to London was awesome, enlightening, exciting and fun!! I was with some great friends and enjoyed everything about my trip. I had some amazing experiences and saw art the would blow your mind!
I went to great markets and really enjoyed being in such a diverse city.
From food to art inspiration abounds when I travel, as well as revelations. I left on my trip heart broken, hurt and frustrated, I had to come to terms with what the future held.
While I was abroad I came to a few realizations...and had to make some very hard decisions. Some of which would be new exciting beginnings and others would end sadly for me.
In all I gained a new understanding of how people see me.
It's opened my eyes to life, love, friendship and business.

I am happy to say that in all I have broken threw the haze, made some choices. Now I'm back happier, healthier, stronger and more determined than ever not to compromise my vision.
I work so hard at building Peachtree Photography each day and it's a constant struggle but I love every moment of it. I sacrifice a lot for the love of images.
I love the art of photography...for me images are more than a sitting fee.
For me they are a moment, good, bad or indifferent...but they are a moment in time captured forever.

Thank you to my loving husband, amazing daughter, awesome family and friends and wounderful clients that support, promote, inspire and love me.
I could not do this without each and everyone of you.
I am more grateful than you can ever imagine!!

Love Ya: Jess

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