Tuesday, October 27, 2009

christopher + melissa

What can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thank you for being gracious, caring, sweet, loving, amazing and just wounderful. I had so much fun with this Chris and Melissa not to mention their amazing family and friends. Chris and Melissa live in Florida and put a lot of trust in me and I'm so glad they did.
I will confess, I cry at wedding...not many but I do and i know believe me I can't help it when I feel a connection with my bride and groom.
This one however was very different this one made me boohoo. They love each other so much Melissa was so excited, so happy and the way Chris spoke about Melissa made my heart burst. I just could not contain how happy I was.

At the reception everyone welcomed me with open arms, they danced, they laughed, they sang and made my weekend wounderful. I feel like I have made so many friends at this wedding it amazing.

Thank you so much!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Can't wait to see all of them. You did A great job You were fun to work with .

Chris grandmother

Victoria said...

You where wonderful and I told Melissa you where so lovely that if I get married soon I would fly you out to San Francisco for my big day! Thank you for helping to make Melissa and Chris's day as fabulous and wonderful as it was!

Mel's Bridesmaid!

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