Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh for the love of fashion:

I am just in fashion heaven and have to ramble a bit about the cute things I found while shopping online.
Of course I didn't actually buy all of these fantastic finds but I can dream and share with you all of the lusts and musts in my life.

I love my bcbg bags but have never looked at the clothing until now and have found two super cute dresses that I adore and a cute pair of shoes of course....so cute!
and now
It's official, It's an obsession...
Frye boots are now controlling my life! After finding my first pair I have gotten another similar to the ones below, yes they look close to the ones in my previous post but they have a buckle, are darker brown and have a hill....so they are completely different!
Now I'm on the hunt for a low cut campus boot and this super cute purse.

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