Thursday, January 22, 2009

All sewn up:

My assistant Jodie is sewing mama, she has some amazing bags as you can see from the “first modeling gig post” where is this going well I’ll tell ya.
She has inspired me to sew again and it’s become a habit, it’s like crack only productive : )
I stopped sewing in middle school and have not touched it since, but over the years I would see cute little dresses and think “I could make that” well now I have.
I am so proud of myself not only did I make one dress I have made seven, thus the crack reference. Now I am thinking of making curtains and new pillows for little A’s bed. It’s getting out of hand…but check out my super cute dresses anyway.

Waite a little disclaimer I know these are super easy dresses to make but cut me some slack….:)

he,he I love this first shot.

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JodieMo said...

I love your blog so I'm gave you a Lemonade Blog Award! Please go to my blog for details!

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