Friday, December 5, 2008

Ahead of the game…

I was talking to my mom about redoing A’s room.
Mom perked up to hear the details of the new design, as the words color scheme came out of my mouth she got all excited until I uttered; black, white and bright yellow.
Hu she said, well yeah that's the new look for her room.
I said I am thinking really fun black and white patterns with punches of yellow to make it pop, white curtains and bright yellow walls.

Well that sounds just plain ugly she said, my heart sank….do you think so?
After having the walls done I begun to think maybe she was right as I hear A screaming “ I like blue”not yellow....have I made a huge misjudgment, a design
faux pas
Ummm am I totally off on this, I think until I was reaffirmed with the latest release for hot colors for spring 2009 from Pantone and yellow, as a matter of fact my custom yellow was first on the list. "designers in Italy and France have been working with yellow for sometime now"I must be ahead of my time….
and then A says “mom I think I like it!”



JodieMo said...

I really like the color. Nice and cheery.

Peachtree Photography said...

Thanks I love it, it's not your typical little girls room.

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