Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Care For Aids:

We are so proud to announce that we will be working with Care For Aids. Jessica Lee first brought this organization to my attention a few months ago and I was completely blown away.

This organization is more than a mission group it will partner with American churches with African churches to sponsor Care For Aids centers. These centers will provide nutritional and medical care for those who are suffering from this devastating disease.

“We don’t want to be another missionary group that tells people about Christ, we want to show the people Christ.” Care for Aids.

We are sponsoring two people for a mission trip next year. At this time we have one space that has just become available, if your interested in learning more about this fantastic cause and the mission opportunity that we have available please email me at info@peachtreephotography.com

“So let our efforts in becoming more Christ-like begin to become visible so that the world may know of our faith” Care for Aids.

Care for Aids

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J + J said...

This is so great! Are you going to be able to go?

Followers: You know you want to..

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