Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tiffin & Joy: Creative Commercial Clients

Tiffin and Joy are both creative fun people and I am so lucky to work with them. They didn’t question me at all when I asked them to put a lamp shade and jewelry on their heads….
I think most people would have given me at least a weird look.
Tiffin is am amazing graphic artist and all around creative person who is now making and selling the most awesome refurbished vintage lamps and cute lampshades. Her etsy site is not up yet but check out graphic design site at
Tiffin Mills

Joy is a beautiful amazing jewelry designer who was so much fun to work with, she is so photogenic! Her creative jewelry designs are amazing from using vintage pieces to creating unique jewelry and her pieces are not to be missed so check out her site.
Joya Jewelry

Both ladies are going to be at the Shakerag festival in Peachtree City so be sure to check out their booth for unique fun gifts.

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