Friday, May 16, 2008


So most of you who read our blog know we are building a new website, yeah the old one is fine but I get that creative urge and well we end up creating a whole new website!
As I learned last year I need a "free day" every month to recoup, recharge and get inspired for our next wedding. So as hard as it has been this year I have stuck to it and this weekend is my "free day". So I am spending all day tomorrow working on getting our new site launched....ok so I know what your thinking "free day"? I didn't say a "work free day" as a mater of fact I have a photo shoot it's just a no wedding day. Anyway I am so excited about the website we are in the process of loading our videos that's right videos baby!

If you think the work ends there your totally wrong as soon as that is done we start design and construction of the studio, my work is never done but I LOVEEE it!!! Not to mention I got a great email from one of my brides today that made my day "I wanted to let you know that we love our pictures. They are wonderful, YOU ARE GREAT!!!!" thanks Kerri you guys are too.

Most importantly we are looking for a 2nd assistant so if your interested please send me am email.

Anyway I think that is all the good stuff that's going on...

Later Tater

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