Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girls just what?

Ok so you all know that I do lots of pro bono work and belong to several different charities and love when I can use the talents that God has given me to give back to my community. So I was excited when the church asked me to help out with girls night. 

This is where the girls get together do nails, make bracelets and dress up. When I arrived it was just what you imagine tons of girls running around abuzz with excitement. I put up my portable studio gear as fast as we could and got to work . So needless to say it was lots of fun for everyone.

The girls had such a great time and so did I how could I not love snapping shots of these beautiful girls, thanks everyone!!!

The Girls Fun Slideshow Clink link to view the slideshow

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Savage Family said...

Jessica, Your an awesome photographer!!! I was planning on taking Keira over to the church that night, & now I'm really bummed seeing these adorible pictures!! We were in a car accidnet though so obviously we couldn't get there :( I was wondering how you have been doing? I would love to get together sometime, if you want.

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