Monday, March 17, 2008

Jessica + Clay

How lucky am I?
Well let’s just say I love my job and that makes me very blessed!

Saturday was Jessica and Clay’s wedding day, when we did their wedding shoot I got to know them a bit more and discovered how much fun they were. Needless to say I was so excited and looking forward to capturing their wedding day.

Jessica + Clay Clink link to view Jessica's and Clay's wedding slideshow

The day went beautifully, Jessica was absolutely gorgeous and Clay was equally as handsome. I must say that I personally had a fantastic time at the reception Jessica’s and Clay’s friends and family are so open and friendly, you can see just how much they are both truly loved!

I spent the morning watching the weather because of a statewide tornado watch, just for the record that was the first time I had ever experienced weather that bad at a shoot, I think the old adage is rain is good luck on your wedding day so a tornado much be huge props to the bride and groom.

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