Monday, May 7, 2007

Heather and Mitch 5.5.07

What an amazing weekend! I had the pleasure of shooting Heather and Mitch Ellerbee’s wedding, taking place in Mexico Beach Florida it was so romantic that even I cried!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner on the Yacht the Lady Anderson. It was beautiful, the food was great and the family had a ball. Dancing, diner and a view could you ask for more!

The wedding day the weather was perfect, with fear of rain in the back of our minds it passed and a cool breeze made the day perfect! The ceremony was held at the waters edge, and the reception at the families beach home. A few minor glitches filled the day but in the end it turned out perfectly!

The reception held in the families’ back yard under a huge tent made a romantic day even more so. The cake was out of a magazine literally, it was so gorgeous with chocolate shells and coral, the grooms cake was equally as wonderful.

The first dance was so sweet, they both seem lost in each others arms. I don’t think that looked away from one another for even a moment. Dancing, sparklers and lots of children running around, in all I can say everyone had a great time!

Leaving for the beach Heather and Mitch looked gorgeous crossing the street!

At sunset we went to the waters edge to shoot some more photos of the very happy couple, they were up for anything! To happy to wipe the smiles off of their faces it was such an amazing day!

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