Friday, April 6, 2007

Stars Mill

I spent a lot of time working this week and I just love it, between shots I would take photos of the park. I love all the little things that we often miss or dismiss. I was almost swimming to get a few of the shots, but anything for the shot! I worked at stars mill mostly this week it was great everything was green and in bloom so it made for a beautiful back drop.
I spent thirty minutes on this one rose petal, there were people from prom coming to have there photos done and I watched and admired the dresses when everyone was finally gone I found a signal petal floating in the water.
The water was also covered with this great greasy looking moss it was so beautiful floating on top of the water, with this metallic film.
Shortly after that I ran around the site looking for the signs of spring that we all love. I found a childhood favorite, this little seed pods we would call helicopters. I don’t have any idea what they are but they are beautiful just the same.

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